Howdy… from Texas!

I am Lisa Brady, President of The Beauty Resource Center, the 4-Artists® Partner for North America.
My passion: As a National Platform Artist, Salon Owner and Master Hair Colorist, my passion has always been Hair Color. I have had a unique opportunity to begin the launch of a hair color line designed By Artist For Artist. During my career, in the salon industry, my goal has always been to work with the very best hair color that money could buy. Over the years, I have had opportunities to work with some of the best hair color on the market and while getting to experience what was out there, I had gotten a sense of what was needed. I felt something was missing, I realized that I had to find a line of hair color I could call my own, one to finally meet the master haircolorist expectations.

4-Artists® Cream Color provides longevity of the color, sheen in the finish, predictability with the results and complete access to education and information about the color line itself.

You, as a colorist, are looking for a product that is gentle and natural but with long lasting predictable results.
4-Artists® Cream Color with the highest quality ingredients, formulated and produced in Germany under the most professional conditions. A color line with low ammonia content, triple pigmentation plus only gentle, natural ingredients.
4-Artists® Cream Color allows the pigment to bond better with the hair structure and does not oxidize or fade nearly as fast; resulting in better gray coverage, longer lasting color and an awesome silky shine.

My promise to our clients, the salon professionals: with 4-Artists® Cream Color, the highest superior color line, you will quickly become recognized as a superior colorist based on excellent product, education and training.
Warmest Regards,
Lisa Brady

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